A large room with wooden walls with gold details and large fabric wallpaper with a greenish pattern. In the center of the picture a grand piano and a sitting area with gilded furniture.
Photo: Tina Klingspor.

The Great Drawing Room

“My Klondike,” Wilhelmina von Hallwyl called this shiny gold room. The gold rush in Klondike (Canada) started in 1896 and was thus day-actual when the house at No. 4 Hamngatan was built.

In the room, as in most on the first floor, there is a splendid open fireplace. This particular one is dressed in Belgian marble. The relief above the fireplace, ”Prometheus Brings the Fire to the People" was performed in Carraramarmor by Gusten Lindberg. Also the door lintels presenting Music, Poetry and Visual Arts are made by Gusten Lindberg.

En oval skiva av marmor med hugget motiv som föreställer en ung man som svävar ner från himlen med en fackla i högerhanden. I bakgrunden en äldre man på ett moln som svingar blixtar.
Prometheus Brings the Fire to the People, by Gusten Lindberg. Photo: Jenny Bergensten, the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (CC BY).

The wood burning fireplaces never came to any practical use as a modern hot air heating system was installed from the outset. Instead, the wood burning fireplaces should tie in with the different historical styles of the room. In the basement, there was a boiler room where the air warmed, to then circulate in channels in the walls. In the corners of the drawing room, decorative galleries are visible. Behind these are ventilation openings out of which hot air streamed. Gating works can be found in all the rooms of the house, adapted in their appearance according to the function and style of the room.

Detaljbild av en vägg med träpaneler och ett galler av metall.
Ventilation grille in the Great Drawing Room. Photo: Jens Mohr, the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (CC BY).

In the room, a small portion of Wilhelmina’s collection of East Indian porcelain is also displayed. The bulk of this collection is stored in the China Room on the third floor. The porcelain is kept in a 1770s gilded cabinet once owned by Pope Pius VI.

Ett rum med träpaneler med gulddetaljer och en sittgrupp med förgyllda möbler. I bakgrunden ett förgyllt skåp med porslinstallrikar inuti.
Photo: Erik Lernestål, the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (CC BY).

The Great Drawing Room in 3D

3D-model: Erik Lernestål, the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (CC BY).

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From the Great Drawing Room you can come to the Ladies’ Drawing Room, the Morning Room and the Smoking Room.

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