Ett rum med massor av saker: en soffa, två fåtöljer, ett bord, ett skrivbord, en stol, tavlor, en ljuskrona och små skåp.
Photo: Jens Mohr, the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (CC BY).

The Smoking Room

The Smoking Room is one of three parlour rooms on the first floor that are for gentlemen. The other two are the Billiard Room and the Armoury. Walther von Hallwyl sat at his desk to attend to his correspondence.
Närbild av ett skrivbord med ett bläckhorn och en läderpärm med metalldekorationer.
Walther von Hallwyl's letter folder. Photo: Jens Mohr, the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (CC BY).

Above the fireplace hangs Julius Kronberg’s portrait of Wilhelmina von Hallwyl, painted in 1895. It’s an unusual depiction of a high society woman. No emphasis has been placed on her attire, which is otherwise usually used to signal a family’s financial status. And she looks at the viewer with an alert gaze and has assumed a relaxed pose.

Detail of Kronberg's portrait of Wilhelmina von Hallwyl. Photo: Erik Lernestål, the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (CC BY).

In addition to the family portraits and oriental-inspired furniture, the room contains some of Wilhelmina’s antiques, including a cabinet and some paintings. The largest painting in the room is a 17th-century hunting scene painted by Abraham Hondius. But the observant can also find smaller objects that were used by Walther.

A cigar cutter. Photo: the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (Public Domain).

The Smoking Room in 3D

3D-model: Erik Lernestål, the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (CC BY).

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From the Smoking Room you can get to the Great Drawing Room and the Armoury.

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