We regularly present exhibitions that explore the era around the turn of the 20th century, with connections to Hallwyl House and the people who lived and worked here. We also present briefer exhibitions, where contemporary design and art take place that breaks with, or connects with, our environments and collections.

Exhibition about beloved naive artist Lim-Johan

The artist Johan Erik Olsson (1865–1944), better known as Lim-Johan, is considered one of our foremost naïve artists. Experience Lim-Johan's painting, woodcarving, and photography.

A painting of two people sitting outside in a garden and drinking coffee.
Photo: Helena Bonnevier, Hallwyl museum/SHM.

The Fish in the Sky

The artist Torsten Jurell exhibits at the Hallwyl Museum this spring with his ceramics inspired by Chinese mythology.

The mythological creature 'Qilin' interpreted in blue glazed porcelain.
The mythological creature 'Qilin' interpreted by Torsten Jurell in glazed porcelain. Photo: Torsten Jurell.

Previous exhibitions

Exhibitions shown from 2015 until today.

Photo: Ola Myrin, the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (CC BY).