Ett rum med en balustrad av grå sten. På väggarna en stor mängd tavlor som föreställer olika personer.
Photo: the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (CC BY).

The Upper Vestibule

When walking up the stairs to the upper vestibule there are four oval portraits painted by Charles Édouard Boutibonne in 1865. They were painted on the occasion of Walther and Wilhelmina’s honeymoon in 1865 and depict the bride's parents’ Johanna and Wilhelm Kempe as well as the bride and groom themselves.

Her parents are the only members of the Kempe family represented in the Portrait Gallery. Otherwise, they are all portraits of Walther von Hallwyl’s extended family. The Hallwyl family is mentioned as early as the 12th century and is one of Switzerland’s oldest noble families.

Två porträtt. En ung kvinna med mörkt hår i lockar och klädd i rosa klänning. En man med mörkt hår och mustasch och skägg klädd i mörkblå uniform
Wilhelmina and Walther von Hallwyl by C. E. Boutibonne. Photo: the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (Public Domain).

The Upper Vestibule in 3D

3D-model: Erik Lernestål, the Hallwyl Museum/SHM (CC BY).

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From the Upper Vestibule you can come to the Dining Room, the Ladies’ Drawing Room and the Morning Room.