Guided tours

Guided tours in Swedish

At the moment we offer daily tours in Swedish with only five visitors per tour.Tickets for our guided tours can be pre-purchased via Tickster. All tours follow a specific route adapted to the size of the rooms so that we can keep our distance from each other.

Pre-purchase ticket at Tickster

Guided group tours

We offer pre-booked guided group tours in english. You can email to book a guided tour.

Price group tours

Guided tour in the palace for groups
Daytime guided tour
• Everyday daytime: SEK 2100
• Everyday evening: SEK 3100

Weekend guided tour
• Weekend daytime: SEK 3100
• Weekend evening: SEK 4000

Drama display, everyday
• Everyday daytime: SEK 2950
• Everyday evening: SEK 3950

Drama show, weekend
• Weekend daytime: SEK 3950

Guidebook in different languages

We offer text folders about the house to borrow, in English, Finnish, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portugese, Dutch and Estonian. 

Audioguide in English, Russian and Arabic

SEK 40