23 September 2016 – 20 November 2016

Harlekina & Harlekin

Harlequin moved into the Hallwyl Museum with her women friends Harlequin, Pantalone, Pulcinella and many others. Both young and old got the chance to experience the carnivals of Venice !

Harlekina & Harlekin was a family exhibition produced in collaboration with photographer Jenny Lexander. The guest quarters of the Hallwyl Museum were transformed into the carnivals of Venice, where an atmosphere of celebration and transformation met the wordless, physical theatre. The masks and roles that can be seen during the carnival are based on stereotypes that existed in the Commedia dell’arte theatrical form during the 16th century. Many of these are still familiar today, such as the satirist Harlequin or the Pierrot clown. Visitors to the exhibition encountered these characters and others.

Photographs, film and objects

The exhibition was based on Lexander’s photographs and films from Venice woven, together with historical costumes and objects as well as contemporary interpretations. Objects such as figurines and photographs from the Hallwyl collections showed how these theatre figures have always been relevant. Masks and costumes invited the visitor to become a part of the exhibition. Both adults and children had the opportunity to learn more about Commedia dell’arte, along with its history and origins, via experiences.

Photo: Jenny Lexander

Masquerade, disguise and humour

The exhibition was aimed at children between 5–10.

Harlekina & Harlekin was produced in cooperation with photograph Jenny Lexander, supported by Canon, Independent Kostym and Stockholms läns landsting. 

Foto: Jenny Lexander