The children of the Goddess Nüwa interpreted in glazed stoneware and porcelain.
The Goddess Nüwa's children interpreted in glazed stoneware and porcelain. Photo: Torsten Jurell.
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On View: April 19th to September 1st, 2024

The Fish in the Sky

The artist Torsten Jurell exhibits at the Hallwyl Museum this spring with his ceramics inspired by Chinese mythology.

In the ceramics city of Jingdezhen in China, where the majority of the items in the museum's collection of Asian ceramics are made, Torsten Jurell creates sculptures that are inspired by Chinese mythology. In his artwork he connects the present with tradition and the Chinese with the Swedish. For a year, he has worked in Jingdezhen on a series of motifs featuring the mythological creature "Qilin", the three-legged sun crow, and the children of the goddess Nüwa.

I saw fireballs explode in the sky and three-legged crows fell down

– Torsten Jurell, in his first meeting with the Chinese mythology.
The mythological creature "Qilin" interpreted in blue glazed porcelain.
The mythological creature "Qilin" interpreted by Torsten Jurell in glazed porcelain. Photo: Torsten Jurell.

The Hallwyl China Collection fascinates Jurell

It was in the Hallwyl Museum's collection of 18th-century Chinese porcelain that Torsten Jurell had an "aha moment" in his encounter with the mythological creature "Qilin". The creature, which Torsten was fascinated by, has a head like a camel, a body like a deer, scales like a carp, and feet like a cow. The porcelain and the Chinese ceramics can be seen in the exhibition displayed in the China Room at the Hallwyl Museum from April 19, 2024.

April 24th at 17.30

Exhibition tour with Torsten Jurell (in Swedish)

Listen to the artist himself tell about his works on site in the museum. Price 170 SEK.

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Multimedia artist Torsten Jurell

Torsten Jurell is based in Sweden and China and can be described as a multimedia artist who, through his art, gathers various expressions. He has been active in China since 2007, where he rents a studio and exhibits. Since 2011, he has been active in the "porcelain city" of Jingdezhen.

Photo: Taoxichuan

Porträtt på Torsten Jurell som arbetar med en skulptur.

Visit the exhibition!

"The Fish in the Sky" is displayed until Sunday, September 1st, 2024. An entrance ticket costing 120 SEK for adults includes a visit to the exhibition. Free admission for children and youth aged 0-18.

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  • Strollers: Due to safety reasons, strollers are not allowed inside the museum. The nearest place to secure strollers is at Norrmalmstorg.

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