10 February 2017 – 19 February 2017    

Colour emotions – celebrating broken Illusions

In connection with Stockholm’s Design Week, the exhibition concept Colour emotions was presented. Eight selected woman creators interpreted this year’s theme; which was Broken Illusions.

The exhibition took place in the courtyard of the Hallwyl Museum, where the colourful installations contrasted with the historical surroundings. The curator and participating artist for Colour emotions was interior designer and colour expert Sara Garanty. Colour emotions experimented with colour, pattern, shape, light, and projections and moved across several areas of design: what is reality and what is an illusion?

The artists:

  • Katarina Hörnsjö, artist
  • Hanna Werning, grafic designer
  • Malin Bobeck, textile artist
  • Fanny Ollas, ceramicist
  • Lisa Hilland, furniture design
  • Maxjenny Forslund, fashion designer
  • Maria Skeppström, performanceartist/ scriptwriter
  • Charlotte Rheyneuclaudes, actor

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