Upcoming exhibition

On site: October 5 – 16, 2022

Art Nouveau 2.0

During Stockholm Craft Week 2022, 8 glass artisans from the Swedish Glass Academy (Glasakademin) make a new interpretation of the Art Nouveau style and exhibit their work at the Hallwyl Museum.

Artisans from the Swedish Glass Academy:

  • Jeanette Karsten
  • Sylvia Neiglick
  • Anna -Linda Gabriel
  • Fredrik Nielsen
  • Ebba Von Wachenfeldt
  • Susann Wallander
  • Gunvor Larsson
  • Rosita Ståhl

Free admission

The exhibition will have free admission.

Detalj på mönster i glaskonst. Bland annat visas en fjäril i vitt.
Photo: Copyright Jeanette Karsten.

Guided tour in the exhibition: Art Nouveau 2.0 Glasakademin tells (in Swedish)

Wednesday 5 October at 17.30 and Thursday 13 October at 14.30

Welcome to participate in a guided tour with the artisans from the exhibition. The guided tour will be held in Swedish.

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Tickets cost SEK 100 and can be purchased at Tickster.

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Stockholm Craft Week 2022

Stockholm Craft Week is run by The Swedish Crafts centre in collaboration with Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) and Konsthantverkarna. The event aims to make the arts and crafts visible and strengthen its position on the contemporary art scene, both nationally and internationally.

Events during Stockholm Craft Week 2022

Good to know before your visit:

  • Accessibility: You need to go up stairs to visit the exhibition. There is no elevator in the museum.
  • Wardrobe: Backpacks and outerwear is not allowed to bring in to the museum. Instead, backpacks and outerwear can be locked in. You find the lockers adjacent to the entrance of the museum.
  • Packed meal: Food and drink are not allowed in the museum. Hallwyl Restaurant is located in the courtyard of the museum and serves food.
  • Strollers and parms: For evacuation reasons, it is not possible to bring a stroller/pram with you in the museum, however there are a few places for leaving strollers. The nearest place to lock prams is on Norrmalmstorg.

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