Artsy spring at the Hallwyl museum

This spring you’re welcomed to an artist talk and exhibition during Stockholm Design Week. A poetry evening with Artival – the Nordic art and literature festival. And take the chance to listen to and be taught by Joan Sallas, one of the world's most famous experts in folded art. The programs will be held in English.

Stockholm Design Week 2023 – Knowing the Ropes

Knowing the Ropes is the name of an artistic project in which the Rope, as bearer of cultural and structural meaning, is explored within a contemporary nordic context. The result of the project will be presented during Stockholm Design Week 2023 at the Hallwyl museum.

Photo: Íris Dögg Einarsdottir.

WORLDTHREADING: Multilingual and multimedia poetry

Welcome to an evening among the worldthreaders whose stories are marked by a trajectory in poetry that has crossed borders, languages, and even media. 

Workshop: Beautifully folded with Joan Sallas

Get ready for this summer’s parties and try your hand at the different styles of napkin folding! Take the chance to be taught by Joan Sallas, one of the world's most famous experts and a master of this special and somewhat forgotten art form.

Lecture: Joan Sallas and folding napkins

A lecture about Höökeberg, and the remarkably unknown models of folding napkins he collected during his life in 1900th century Sweden.