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Prices and tickets

It’s free admission to the museum, but there is a charge to participate in a tour, to visit temporary exhibitions, and for some programmes.

Free entrance ticket

To visit the museum, you need to book a free ticket on site at the museum.

Tickets for temporary exhibitions

Price: SEK 90 for adults, free admission for children up to 19 years old.

Our temporary exhibition is on display in the guest rooms of the bedroom floor. Tickets for the exhibition can only be purchased on-site in the museum.

Book a guided

Tickets to programmes and lectures

We offer programmes and lectures all year over. All our programmes and lectures can be booked online via Tickster; they vary in cost.

Book tickets at Tickster

Tickets for our city walks

Occasionally, we offer city walks with a variety of different themes. All our city walks are booked on Tickster.

Good to know before your visit

  • Wardrobe: Backpacks and outerwear is not allowed to bring in to the museum. Insted, backpacks and outerwear can be locked away for safekeeping in lockers that are adjacent to the entrance of the museum.
  • Packed meal: Food and drink are not allowed in the museum. Hallwyl Restaurant is located in the courtyard of the museum and serves food.
  • Strollers and parms: For evacuation reasons, it is not possible to bring a stroller/pram with you around the museum, however there are a few places for leaving strollers. The nearest place to lock prams is on Norrmalmstorg.