Flourishing exhibition

Among the Hallwyl Museum's collections are unique works by some of the 17th century female artists from Holland. Two of them are Rachel Ruysch and Catharina Backer, their artwork are a part of the mini-exhibition "The Flower are in Bloom again", an exhibition about female art in a flourishing era. An installation will be displayed on the same floor as the exhibition. The installation is called "A Thousand and a Thousand Pearls" and is a flourishing sculpture of glass beads and metal.

The Flowers are in Bloom again

May 6 - August 22, 2021

The mini-exhibition The Flowers are in Bloom again highlight the artworks of Catharina Backer and Rachel Ruysch in the Hallwyl collection. The artworks are presented in context of botany and other important female artists and collectors in 17th Century Holland.

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Exhibition Producers

Annika Williams och Ann-Cathrin Rothlind

Thousands and thousands of beads

May 6 - August 22, 2021

Amanda Danielsson presents her sculptures made out of beads and metal. The exhibition is arranged in collaboration with Inuti, a foundation dedicated to working with artistically gifted individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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Flourishing offerings in the shop

Welcome to the museum shop, filled with silk flowers, vases, napkins, fragrant soap and much more.

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