A photo of an old steam train in the desert of Sudan.

To the Continent - Travelling Digitally

Sitting at home, longing to travel? While waiting for our upcoming exhibition To the Continent - Travelling First Class, which has been postponed due to the Corona virus, why don't you take a digital trip? On this page, we have gathered some digital material, related to the exhibition.

  • Wilhelmina von Hallwyl went abroad 62 times. During many of these trips she bought photographs. A few times she also took her own photos. All images from her travel albums can be seen and downloaded here.
  • In the winter 1900-1901, the von Hallwyls went to Egypt. Visit our exhbition about this trip, on Google Arts & Culture.
  • If you read German, you can follow Walther von Hallwyl on his trip to Scandinavia in 1856. Here is his diary.

Image with a man on a rock, looking out over the Sorrento bay.
View of Sorrento. Photo from the von Hallwyl family's trip to Italy in 1888.