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To the Continent

June 3 – December 30 2020

To the Continent - Travelling First Class highlights the development of travel around the turn of the century 1900. You will learn about the many journeys of Wilhelmina von Hallwyl, which took place during a time that may be seen as the golden age of tourism. 

The development of hotels and organised tourism

Wilhelmina von Hallwyl, founder of the Hallwyl Museum, travelled abroad over 60 times. Most of these trips went through Switzerland, the home country of her husband Walther. The family went on long journeys, sometimes they were away for months. They visited most European countries and a few others. Spain and Greece were places off the beaten track, whereas Egypt was well developed as a tourist destination, with luxury hotels and all the comforts that a wealthy European might expect. The entrepreneur Thomas Cook was a pioneer of organised travel. The British colonisation and the construction of the Suez canal were factors that facilitated transport and tourism in the area. 

Collecting and remembering

The collections of the Hallwyl museum are a result of Wilhelmina von Hallwyls efforts to save and record everything, not just from her home, but also from all her journeys. In the exhbition we show souvenirs and other objects with connection to the family's journeys; trunks, suitcases, travel diaries, photographs, postcards, clothes, parasols and many other things. In the exhibition you can go back in time and experience travelling first class in the 19th century. 

Digital exhibitions

Take part of some travel related digital material that we have gathered here.