Photo of the von Hallwyl party going on donkeys to the pyramids.

A Trip to Egypt

Come along on a trip to Egypt! In our new, online exhibition you can follow Wilhelmina and Walther von Hallwyl on their long trip to Egypt, in the winter 1900-1901.

In the exhibition you will find the photos that were taken during the journey or bought by local photographers. You can read about tourism at the last turn of the century and read the travel journal of Wilhelmina von Hallwyl's lady companion, miss Ida Uhse. She made detailed accounts of where the the little group went, how they spent their days, what they bought and what tourist attractions they visited.

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Bild från ångbåten Columbia som Walther von Hallwyl hyrde för resan uppför Nilen
On board the steamship Columbia, which the von Hallwyls hired for their trip up the Nile.

A long journey

On the 5 November 1900 Walther and Wilhelmina von Hallwyl went on board the train from the Stockholm Central station. It was the beginning of a long journey. The train took them to Naples, from where they continued by boat to Port Said. They stayed for four months in Egypt before they continued to Palestine. Wilhelmina von Hallwyl's lady companion, Ida Uhse, travelled with her and later they were joined by two of the von Hallwyl daughters with husbands.

A trip like this was perhaps not as adventurous as we would imagine. The transports took more time than today, but Cairo was a modern city and the hotels had all conveniencies that the travellers were used to from home. Steam boat and train traffic was well developed and tourism was flourishing, with several companies taking tourists up and down the Nile in a never ending stream. In the exhibition you can read more about the life as a tourist in the early 1900's.

We made the exhibition

Producer: Sara Dixon, photo and layout: Erik Lernestål.
A big thanks to the Hallwyl Museum Association for generous funding, without which this exhibition would not have been possible.