Precautions due to Covid-19

The Hallwyl Museum follows the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, and has adapted its activities accordingly:

Social distancing inside and outside of the museum

We will ensure that the number of visitors does not exceed more than 50 persons. In case of queues we will maintain distance between visitors.

Distance marks and guided directions 

There will be distance markers and direction indicators in the museum. Our guided tours will be in smaller groups, 8 persons per group. Unfortunately, our weekly guided tours in English will be cancelled during the autumn. Ask the staff at the museum for further information.

Changed opening hours

During the period of July-August we will change the opening hours to Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am-18 pm.

Safety cleaning

We will make sure that exposed areas in the museum are cleaned more frequently. As a visitor you can find hand sanitizers in various spots in the museum. Of course, as a visitor you always have access to soap and water in our restrooms.

Only cashless payments accepted

We are no longer accepting cash payments at the museum.